Honest Insights: Why Blogging Is Essential for My Business (Even When I Dread It)

By PlusCode

Hey, it's Dave here from PlusCode. One of our core values is honesty and transparency, so let me share a little secret: writing blog posts is one of my least favorite tasks in running my business. You might wonder, if that's the case, why do I keep doing it? Well, here's why, and why I believe you should consider it too.

Why I Blog: The Benefits Behind the Effort

1. Organizing My Thoughts: Blogging forces me to collect and structure my thoughts. This is crucial, especially when explaining complex ideas or processes related to our services. It helps me clarify my own understanding and communicate more effectively with you, our clients.

2. Validating Ideas: It’s not enough for me to follow industry trends blindly. Blogging pushes me to dig deeper and validate these trends for myself. This process involves researching, testing, and proving theories before I decide to adopt them in our strategies or recommend them to our clients.

3. Experimentation Platform: Our blog acts as a playground for new ideas. Whether it’s tweaking our posting cadence, experimenting with writing styles, or testing how different HTML tags affect SEO, each post gives us valuable data. This knowledge isn’t just academic; it directly enhances the strategies we implement for our clients, ensuring that we rely on proven tactics.

4. Staying Relevant with Google: Regular updates play a big role in how well we perform on search engines. Google prioritizes fresh, relevant content, and blogging is a direct line to signal to search engines that our website is active.

5. Keeping Customers Informed: Consistently updated blogs tell our customers that PlusCode is not just surviving but thriving. Think about the last time you visited a website and their latest blog post was from three years ago. It probably didn't instill much confidence. Our blog is a pulse that keeps signaling our vitality and commitment to current and prospective clients.

What’s Coming Up

Over the next few posts, we’ll dive deeper into the world of blogging for businesses. We’ll explore what could happen if you don't maintain a regular posting schedule, how to leverage the content you create effectively, how to come up with new content ideas, and some tips on how to streamline your writing process.

Blogging might not be my favorite task, but the value it brings is undeniable. It keeps our business sharp, relevant, and ahead of the curve. Stay tuned for more insights, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries together.

Thanks for reading, and as always, if you're looking to enhance your digital presence or need help with your own content strategy, drop us a line. Let's make your business shine online!



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