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PlusCode is a purpose-focused web design and consultation company.
Our mission is to help your value be realized, beautifully and effectively.

About Us

Located near Ann Arbor, MI PlusCode is a website design company that is purpose focused, value aligned, community-centered, and design driven. We’ll help you with every step of the website design process, from conception to launch.

We are passionate about helping your business or organization, large or small, make a successful impact. More than ever before, that impact begins with a digital first impression that sets the stage for every interaction to come. We’re here to help make sure that initial encounter starts the relationship off on the right foot.

Additionally, we care about local communities, because we know that communities are the foundation that makes business both possible and joyful. In fact, we work out of a coworking space in Milan, Michigan, minutes from the greater Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. A portion of each website project will go towards a community or charity website.

PlusCode's founding partners are Dave Baldwin and Jesse Wilson. Dave Baldwin brings his unique web design eye and programming background to help bring your vision to reality. Jesse Wilson is a consultant, communications expert, and project manager especially gifted at helping connect the dots between the motivations that fuel you and your organization, and the needs of people you most want to impact through your work and communications. Together with a growing and talented team, we are PlusCode.

Finally, perhaps you're wondering (and you wouldn't be the first!): what's up with the .de domain extension? We look at things differently, and this extends into everything we do, including our domain name. We're looking forward to the opportunity to help you think about what's possible for the things you care about, and to partner with you to turn it into a reality.

Meet Dave and Jesse

Making the Magic Happen

Let's design something beautiful for you that brings to life the things that make you and your team awesome.

Discover & Understand

Every project begins with clarifying your needs and goals, and understanding the unique value at the heart of your organization.

See What's Possible

Inspired by you, we create an initial design and framework to help you see what's possible and build from there, based on your feedback.

Collaborate & Iterate

Now we work with you, step by step, adding in your customized content and incorporating your ideas until it's brought to life.

Love it, Launch it

Once you love the work we've done together, we'll inspect and test to make sure the project launches beautifully, and be there to support you as it does.


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