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What is PlusCode?

Located just south of Ann Arbor, MI, PlusCode is a website design company that is purpose focused, value aligned, community centered, and design driven.

What matters to you matters to us and is the most important factor in how we build your website. We love helping connect the dots between the motivations that fuel you and your organization, and the needs of people you most want to impact through your work and communications. That's why we begin every project with a discovery session and stay laser-focused on purpose even beyond launch.

  • Project discovery serves to bring clarity to us, and often to you as well
  • Understanding your purpose allows us to create a design that is made for you and your customers
  • Clarity in the project process creates comfort, joy, and a reliable timeframe

We are passionate about helping your business or organization, large or small, make a successful impact. More than ever before, that impact begins with a digital first impression that sets the stage for every interaction to come. We’re here to help make sure that initial encounter builds trust and allows you to be understood.

  • Your design should be as unique as you are.
  • We believe great design is a conduit to effective communication.
  • A well-designed website helps your audience know how much you care.
  • The right design thoughtfully showcases what makes you different.
  • Beautiful designs are fun to navigate. Bad designs are frustrating.

We care about local communities because we know that they are the foundation that makes business both possible and joyful. This extends to our personal lives as well. The desire to build up our communities runs through everything we do, including volunteering, and working alongside, local non-profit and service organizations.

  • A portion of the profits from each project supports a community or charity website.
  • Giving back gives us valuable experience and greater perspective on the world.
  • Helping our community is essential to who we are. It makes us happy.
  • We have the opportunity to make a difference. It is the right thing to do.

We strive for joy in everything we do. Joy in our relationships with each other, our work, our clients, and our community. Because we believe joy is the truest metric for success in any endeavor, we focus on understanding how your website can best facilitate a joyful relationship between you and everyone who visits it. And along the way, we work to ensure the process of building it together is joyful as well.

  • We pay special attention to what you love, because joy is impossible without love.
  • We cultivate an openness to being wrong and making mistakes, so inspiration has room to work.
  • We build in regular checkpoints to every project because open feedback loops are critical to joyful relationships.

“I have worked with PlusCode on multiple projects and have never been disappointed. I appreciate their 'until you love it approach' and have always felt they held to this principle throughout the projects they've done for me. Their thoughtful engagement and focus on effective communication is very important to me and translates all the way through how a site is structured, including the logic behind it's organization. Any time I've got a website need, I'll try to book Dave and Jesse for the job.

April, 2018

“Having never started or owned a business and not being computer knowledgeable, I was hesitant to try and get a website up and going by myself like what was suggested to me. I am SO glad I went with PlusCode! Dave and Jesse are super easy to work with and helped me understand what was going on in developing my new website. It is a superior product and I have had many compliments on it! I highly recommend their services!!

August, 2021

“Plus Code did an amazing job on our websites! Whenever we had questions they got answered in a timely manner. Same goes for any edits that we requested, also very quick turnaround time. They delivered above and beyond with all the work they did for us. Amazing work, very knowledgeable, and very personable. Plus Code Web Design is professional all the way.

November, 2019

“What a success, I couldn't have been happier with the process or the end result. Working with Dave was amazing, great use of time, great brainstorming, and a great community minded buisness. I am especially grateful for PlusCode's help because I was very overwhelmed with the expansion of my business and they made it easy for me to offer my feedback and they worked diligently around my hectic schedule.

April, 2018

Working with us

The PlusCode Experience

We have a unique approach to website design. We have a unique approach to website design. We have a unique approach to website design.

This Will be Fun

We love what we're doing most when you love working with us, and there's not much we enjoy more than making great things with great people.

We're listening

Getting to the heart of what matters to you matters to us, so we keep asking questions and listening closely until we have a confident understanding of how we can help.

You are here

You'll always know where things stand and where we're going next. We build communication checkpoints into every step of the design process to remove uncertainty, ambiguity, and confusion.

'Til You Love It.

We don’t move past the initial design phase until you and we love where we’re going - even if that means we have to go back to the drawing board.

Friends for the Long Haul

We want you to look forward to everything we do together, so the relationship we build along the way should feel like a strong friendship even after your project launches.

We do one thing well

We make beautiful Websites

Simply put, we create beautiful websites made to attract, engage, and impress your ideal customer. We are passionate about helping your business or organization, large or small, make a successful impact. More than ever before, that impact begins with a digital first impression that sets the stage for every interaction to come. Everything we do helps to support this first interaction. We offer features like photography, graphic design, project management, and search engine optimization to support the one thing we do.

"Until you love it"

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