Mastering Website Redesign Part 2: Find out what is going well

By PlusCode

Welcome back to our comprehensive series on navigating the website redesign process. I'm Dave from PlusCode Website Design, and today, in part 2 of our series, we're diving into how to critically analyze your current website. Understanding what works, what doesn't, and where there's room for improvement is crucial before embarking on a redesign journey. Let's break down the steps to evaluate your site effectively.

Analyzing Your Current Website:

1. Identifying Strengths:

Start by pinpointing what you already love about your website. Is it the layout, the content, the ease of navigation, or how it represents your brand? Recognizing these strengths provides a foundation to preserve these elements during the redesign.

2. Spotting Areas for Improvement:

No website is perfect, and there's always room for enhancement. Maybe your site's mobile responsiveness could be better, or perhaps the load times are slower than you'd like. Identifying these areas early on ensures your redesign addresses them head-on.

3. Understanding User Behavior:

Use Google Analytics to discover which pages on your website attract the most visitors. High-traffic pages indicate what your audience finds valuable, guiding you on what to emphasize or replicate in the redesign.

4. Competitive Analysis:

Take a close look at your competitors' websites. What features do they have that you admire? Are there design elements, functionalities, or content strategies that stand out? Remember, your customers are visiting these websites, how does your design stand up?

5. SEO Performance:

Using Google, search for the services or products you offer and note which companies appear higher in the search results. Don’t forget to use the city name in your search or “near me”. Understanding your position in the search landscape can highlight SEO strengths and weaknesses.

6. Ranking and Keywords:

Determine which pages on your site are ranking highest and for what keywords. This insight is invaluable for retaining and enhancing your SEO performance during and after the redesign. To find this info, go to Google Search Console. You can see your average position for a keyword.

Getting a good feel for where your website is, sets the stage for a successful redesign. By understanding what to keep, what to improve, and how you stack up against the competition, you can ensure your redesigned website not only looks great but also performs well in search engines and, most importantly, resonates with your audience.

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of analyzing your website? PlusCode Website Design is here to help. I can provide the insights you need to make informed decisions about your website redesign. Contact metoday, and let's take the next step in transforming your online presence.

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