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Hello again, Dave Baldwin here from PlusCode Website Design. Creating helpful content in your blog is just the first step; the next crucial phase is making sure it reaches and engages your target audience. In this next post, we'll explore how to get indexed quickly and increase its visibility through strategic sharing and link-building. Here’s how to make your content work as hard as you do.

Submit Your URL for Indexing

Once you publish new content, don't wait for search engines to find it. Take a proactive approach by submitting the URL directly to Google and Bing for indexing. This can be done through Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Submitting your URL helps accelerate the indexing process, which means your content becomes searchable quicker.

  • Google Search Console: Simply log in, select 'URL inspection' and enter the URL of your new post. If it’s not yet indexed, you can request indexing directly from this tool.

  • Bing Webmaster Tools: Similar to Google, use Bing’s ‘URL Inspection’ tool to directly submit your new pages.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for content distribution. They not only help in driving direct traffic to your site but also increase your content's visibility and engagement. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Tailor Your Message: Customize your posts for each platform to suit its unique style and audience. What works on LinkedIn might not resonate on Twitter.

  • Engage and Interact: Don’t just post your content—engage. Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and encourage sharing.

  • Use Hashtags Wisely: Especially on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags can increase your content's reach to relevant audiences.

  • Consider other social networks: Don’t forget about LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook groups, and even reddit

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial for SEO, as they signal to search engines that other websites consider your content valuable and trustworthy. Here are some strategies to earn backlinks:

  • Guest Blogging: Write articles for other blogs in your industry and include links back to your website.

  • Industry Partnerships: Collaborate with industry partners on case studies, reports, or webinars and include links to your website in the shared content.

  • Create Shareable Content: Develop content that naturally encourages sharing and linking, such as original research, infographics, or comprehensive guides.

Monitoring and Optimization

After distributing your content, monitor its performance and look for opportunities to optimize:

  • Analytics: Use tools like Google Analytics to track how your content is performing. Look at metrics like page views, average time on page, and bounce rate.

  • Feedback: Listen to how your audience is responding to your content. Comments, shares, and engagement can provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t.

  • Adjust Accordingly: Use the data and feedback to tweak your content and distribution strategy. Sometimes, small adjustments can significantly enhance effectiveness.

By ensuring your content is swiftly indexed, actively shared on social media, and effectively backlinked, you maximize its reach and impact. Remember, the goal of your content is not just to inform but also to engage and convert. Each piece of content is an investment in your brand's online presence and authority, so give it the push it deserves.

Stay tuned for more in our series on making the most of your digital content. If you have questions about content distribution or need help implementing these strategies, feel free to reach out. Let's make your content work for you!



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