Can I see the pages in my customer's journey?

By PlusCode

Hello, Dave here from PlusCode Website Design. We've always been passionate about understanding our clients' needs and how they find us. That's why we're excited to introduce a new feature on our website that does just that. Many of you have asked, "Can I see what page brought visitors to my site and what pages they looked at before filling out the contact form?" The answer is now a resounding yes!


The journey a visitor takes through your website is filled with insights. Knowing which pages pique their interest and what ultimately drives them to reach out can significantly enhance how we tailor our services and content. This curiosity led us to develop a feature that tracks this journey, from the first click to the contact form submission.

How It Works:

Upon arriving at our website, we gently log the entry point and subsequent pages visited in a session. This process is privacy-conscious and designed to respect our visitors' experience while providing us valuable context on their interests, without installing cookies.

  • Where they came from: The very first step captures the external page that led the visitor to us, whether it's from a search engine, social media, or another website. This is crucial for understanding our most effective channels.
  • What pages they viewed and how long: As visitors navigate our site, we track the pages they explore before reaching out. This includes service pages, blogs, videos, or FAQs—anywhere their curiosity takes them.
  • Report the result: When the contact form is filled out, we can see the path taken to get there. This insight allows us to understand what information was most relevant or persuasive to our visitors.

Why It Matters:

This feature isn't just about numbers and paths; it's about understanding the story behind each inquiry. By knowing what interests our visitors, we can continuously improve our site, and justify the marketing dollars to better meet your needs, create more engaging content, and streamline the user experience.

Privacy and Respect:

We value privacy and transparency. This tracking is done with the utmost respect for visitor privacy, ensuring a secure and non-intrusive experience.

Our goal at PlusCode is to connect more meaningfully with those we serve. This new feature is a step towards deeper understanding and better service. For businesses looking to enhance their digital presence, knowing your audience's journey is invaluable. And if the technical side of things seems daunting, don't worry—we're here to help.

Curious about the paths your customers take on your website? Want to implement similar tracking for your digital space? Reach out to us at PlusCode Website Design. Let's make your website not just a destination, but a journey worth taking.

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