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By PlusCode

Dave here, your friendly neighborhood tech guy! Jesse and I often get questions about various tech-related topics, and sometimes even about scams. It's all part of the territory!

We recently had a customer reach out to us about a letter they received concerning their domain listing on the internet. Let us shed some light on this situation.

The letter can be a bit misleading at first glance, giving the impression that it's a renewal notice for their domain name (e.g., companyname.com). But let us assure you, it's definitely not!

We've included an image of the letter we received in this blog post. This particular company wants to charge us a whopping $288 just to list our website on their platform. It's like Google charging us to have our company listed on Google Maps. Seems pretty absurd, right?

To top it off, this service doesn't hold much value because there's minimal traffic on this company's website. So, why pay for something that won't benefit your business?

The bottom line is, if you ever receive an email or letter and have questions or doubts about its legitimacy, we're here to help. You can always count on us! Feel free to reach out to me, Dave, via text message at 734-301-9719 or drop me an email at dave@pluscodedesign.com.

Remember, we're here for you, ready to lend a hand whenever you need it.

Stay scam-free!

Cheers and happy July 4th,


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