What is the process we follow for every website?

By PlusCode

Every website and company is a little different. So our process does shift slightly within each step, but for the most part, we follow this five-step process detailed below.

    For us, initial discovery is the most important part of the process. Discovery is a deep dive into your motivations and goals for the project. We ask questions like: What makes you tick? Who are you excited to impact with your skills? What is your vision for the future? If this project is wildly successful, what does that look like to you? This gives us a lens to understand you and your project more. Paired with research, we begin to piece together a design and structure that is perfectly suited to your needs. Finally, a plan is crafted that includes the pages and types of content needed for this design.

    Our next step is to create a unique design for you. We take a design-first mentality to our websites, meaning we provide the structure and design for the content to fit. This makes the process of imagining and creating content flow naturally.

    Our custom design and content systems are built to be faster and more intuitive than other CMS systems like WordPress, Square, or Wix. We build a website that is exactly what you need. No more, no less, and optimized for search engines and speed.

    From Apple to Android and PC, we test using multiple browsers and devices. Our goal is to make sure everyone who visits your website has a great experience and will want to engage with you.

    The launch is where we put the final pieces in place. We go through 14 high-level tasks to make sure your launch is a success. For example, we connect email accounts, establish the correct domain names (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and enable security protocols. Finally, we talk about the next steps and how we can continue to support you going forward.

This five-step process ensures every project we work on has the outcome, which is that “You love it”. Want to know more? Visit our contact page and drop us a line. We would love to sit down with you and discuss your possibilities.

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